Stop Being Fussy

Stop Being Fussy

Being fussy is a habit where people tend to set high expectation to their and others? life. The failure to reach
the desired level often leads to frustration and the normal course of life is hampered. The attempt to be a
perfectionist in every aspect of life can slow down the pace and a slight diversion from the standard level can
depress the work flow. As life is nothing but a combination of several pieces of phases, the focus on a particular
phase neglect the overall picture. A sense of imperfection obsesses the mind of these fussy people and they
obliterate the possibility of a successful completion of work.

A great deal of frustration and disgust can create greater stress and burden on our life. People tend to forget
that completion is important than perfection. A realization of this fact will reveal new perspectives and will help
you to be yourself. You must set pragmatic expectations and split it down into something more convenient. You can
accelerate with later projects if resources and energy are available. The center of attention should be the
decisive portion and you should allocate utmost time there. The rest can be done with less effort.

Praise your own execution. Don?t ponder on the works unfinished. Instead, focus on all the minute deeds and
objective you have brought about on your corridor to reach your goals. Among all your accomplishment, there some
highlight performance that can be easily distinguished. Take a note of them to boost you. There can areas of
improvement but it’s no t wise to waste time behind them. Rather get going and learn from mistakes. Pondering too
much on past can retard your progress. Rather, the present and immediate future is more important. At times,
viewpoint of others can help you be less fussy.

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