See the Best in Others

See the Best in Others

Human being is really always been a pretty interesting creature. Some of them are always dedicated for others
and some are never for others. Few people fetch good on others and some are busy in hiding other’s good deed. There
are many weird people out in this earth who never can evaluate others as good. These people think that they are the
only good people living in this whole earth and rarely some one will come in future. This is sheer stupidity. We
should always focus on the best in others.

Every one of us has something good inside. No matter an individual is good or bad, but he or she must have
something good. Exactly the exposure of the works determines the differentiation of a good and bad. In a good
person, the god part is being exposed over time whereas in a bad person the good portion is being rarely exposed.
We should always concentrate in the best part of others. If we encourage someone with indicating his or her good
parts then he or she is most likely to get inspired and work on it to take it to a higher position. We have to
praise others highly for their best part.

It will also illuminate us and make us enable to make right judgment about people. Other than this, when we are
fetching for the good in other people it keeps encouraging the good portion in us and we are more likely to come up
with something aspiring. But it is also true that we should figure out the bad parts in others but it is
occasional. Our aim has to be figuring out this and show them where things are going wrong. It will be not for
hurting them or for our self purpose.

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