Overcome Selfishness

Overcome Selfishness

Good people and bad people, both of these two categories of human beings have some specific characteristics,
which are considered to be the determinants of their side. Selfishness is a determinant of bad people. But we think
rationally then we will see that, each and every human being is selfish. We can hardly find anyone who is not
selfish. The difference is in the intensity of selfishness that lies within us. If someone is selfish in most of
the aspects of his or her life, then it has to be taken care of without any delay.

To overcome selfishness people need to create a sense of compassion among them. Compassion will make them feel
for others. Selfish people need to alter their mindset and instill compassion in it. If they can successfully do
it, then they are likely to feel for others needs. This will help them to stop thinking only about themselves and
respect others. In most cases, selfish people can not rationalize their needs. They can not even determine their
needs; for them it is undefined. A person needs to determine exactly what he or needs to carry on daily life. This
type of people has to incorporate compromise with their day to day activities which completely lacks in them. If
they want a peaceful social life then again they have to diminish it. They have to learn how to respect others

Apart from these, they have to imagine the bigger picture of life. Because at one point time, they may stumble,
they may need the help of others as human beings are meant to be depended on each other naturally. In these
scenarios a selfish person is deemed as an abandoned one by the majority of the society. So to overcome selfishness
an individual must balance their needs as well others.

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