Overcome Perfectionism

Overcome Perfectionism

Perfectionism is state of mind where an individual wants everything to be cent percent flawless. Though
perfectionism sounds like a novel word, but it generates a number of problems in our day to day activities. There
is distinction between trying to do a work successfully and taking consistent stress to do same job without any
sort of flaw. There are always some people around us, who strive for the later part. In this process, they torture
themselves mentally. They can not even endure a single mistake which is practically impossible. They keep doing the
same thing again and again which is also time-consuming. Ironically it results in less productivity and less

To overcome perfectionism an individual has to focus on the following factors, which are proved to be quite
effective. Some of the significant factors are, rational thinking, adaption, flexibility and possessing a
foresighted mentality about life. An individual has to think rationally. He or she can not just indulge into a work
and then wishes it to be literally a perfect one. People need to make plan realistically and grab all the
opportunities and then make the best use of it. They can set a benchmark for their work and then continue their
work according to it. It will ensure a better result.

Besides this, they have to be adaptive and flexible as it is sign of a successful entity. They just can not hang
around saying that, the work has to be perfect at any cost. They have to be fast, whereas the Perfectionism is a
time consuming one. Apart from these, people have to see the bigger picture of life. Perfectionism limits the way
of thinking and people having this are stuck with it all the time. They can not think beyond the boundary. It will
be very easy to overcome perfectionism if we believe in just one saying, Nobody is perfect.

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