Developing Resilience

Developing Resilience

Life is the master of versatility. Sometimes it will make you laugh and just the moment after that it will
shatter your life and make you groundless. It will hit you so hard that you can not even cry you will be just like
a statue. That is how life goes on and you have to deal with. And the best way for dealing with this is developing
resilience. Resilience is power of bouncing back from any sort of uncertainty. It is something that you have to
count on. It teaches the lesson of adapting with the life?s misfortunes and drawbacks. And it will be really a
viable option to learn the lesson as soon as possible.

Before developing resilience, you need to do an internal check. What is our present condition, how well do you
cope with the uncertainties and manipulate those in our way, can you revive from the shattered situation- all these
questions need to be answered before you even start the development process. After doing the reality check, you
have to work on the flaws and also need to make the strong points stronger ones. You have to take the leverage of
the present situation and try to make the future a better one.

You need to have a mentality of a winner and reinforce it over and over again. You need to believe the life is
not that cruel, its doors of opportunities are still open. You are still breathing, that is the reward of life. And
it is also push to go forward and grab all the opportunities that come along on the way. If you believe this day
can be the last day in this earth, and then you will not be frustrated by anything, rather you will be hungry to
make the rest of the moments a memorable one.

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