Develop Personal Courage

Develop Personal Courage

Some people in this earth are blessed with the divine gift- courage. Apart from this category, there are two
more categories, one is comprised of those people who do not have the courage sort of things inside them and they
never feel the urge for gaining this. They are the one who live the life of a coward. Another category includes
those people who may not be blessed to have the gift, but overtime they develop this inside them. They feel the
push from the inside to instill courage. Courage is something which is needed in each and every step of life
directly or indirectly.

People who feel need to develop courage have go through many things. Because it just can not click suddenly. It
is an evolving process and ever-lasting too. To develop personal courage, one needs to grow some other variables
inside because it is a non compensatory process. The factors included here can not be compensated with one another.
These factors include the level of confidence, the dignity towards life, the value that one possesses patience and
believe. It is rare to have a sudden burst of courage. Before developing courage the confidence level should be
boosted. The courage increases proportionally as the level of confidence increases. Both of these have a positive

Besides this, the dignity and attitude towards life is also important. One may live the life of a coward or he
can also choose the other option which is living the life of like a courageous person. If anyone has least of
dignity towards life, then he/she would not choose the first option. Patience and believe are also two important
influencing factors for these. To develop personal courage patience is must. Moreover, believe in ourselves along
with believe in fate are also important prerequisite for this.

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