Develop Optimism

Develop Optimism

There are various types of people living in this earth. Based on different variables, they can be categorized on
different segments. If we do segmentation based on attitude towards life, then we can come up with two broad
segments- optimists and pessimists. One example is enough to define their whole attitude and behaviors.

If a glass is kept before them with half of water in it, the first segment will say it is hall full and another
segment will say it is half blank. That is the difference between them the way of measuring life. For an optimist,
the life is always full of opportunities, joy and blessings. And for a pessimist, it is just the other side of the
coin. So it is always better to walk in the path of first ones.

To develop optimism, we need to consider many factors such as, self-believe, self-esteem, faith in destiny,
confidence level etc. To be an optimist we need to believe. We have to have believed in ourselves and believe in
fortune. But we always need to be aware that, we do not turn into slaver of the fortune. Human beings can change
their fortune and that is what they are entitled for. Fortune favors the brave- this should be the motto of an
optimist. Life has its upsides and downsides, but we have to cope with every situation. We have to look for
opportunities and that is way how one can instill optimism inside him/her.

Our optimism may sometimes be shattered by the devastating side of life, but among all of these uncertain
situations we have to survive and make our path to greatness. Life always plays the role of an examiner, it takes
exams of us. The only way to get the best result out of it is optimism.

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