Be More Playful

Be More Playful

Playful is the way by which a person does any work with a joyful mind. Just like a mind like win
a lottery. Actually the end result to be more playful is to be do the work with a nice mind and has the ability to
accept everything as positively. It is also says us to help the people, do something new, something great. To be
playful this things should not be come in mind just for some works but for all the works. If a person be more
playful then he can discover the world newly.

It is not easy work; it is something which goes just differently than anything else. Some people
do not like playful people. They treat this as bad manner. The reason behind the people is telling like this is
they do not have the clear idea about what it really is. Now, lets find out some ways how to be playful.

First thing the person needs to do that not take everything seriously. If a person takes
everything seriously then it will be hard for them get the bad result. On the other hand if the person does any
work with a playful mind then he can do that with joy and whatever the result he will get that will not affect in
his normal life.

Playful people always like to think about something new, some innovative and they do this not
for end goal but for have some fun. So, if person needs to be playful then he must need to think innovatively.

A playful person should have the ability to light up in the society with the joy. So, they are
going for help all the people whenever they need help.

Finally a word for the people who are like to be playful and this was given by Chatan Bhagat,
and it is “Dont be serious, be sincere”.


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