Be Less Passive

Be Less Passive

There are many people of the world who think that be passive is the most attractive character of
a human. That is why they like to have this in their character. But one thing they dont like to understand that it
takes them away from the real world.

Lets find out what a passive people can do. We know the passive people have the ultimate goal of
reach at the high level. For that reason they like to do anything, they like to be as nothing can stop them. When,
person has this kind of mentality then that people lose the humanity. Then he started to do many unethical works.
May be the works are not legal.

The passive people do not care about this, because they do not have enough time to think about
it. To be passive this people can kill other, the reason is as we said before they lose their humanity. In most of
the cases police founds that the robber or the Godfather of underworld love to think themselves as a passive. Same
cases we find in political leader. Only when they find themselves as a passive they start to do unethical works
because they know nothing is coming for stop him.

Now lets find how a person is less passive. First of all these person need to have a strong
mentality as if he can turn himself away from this destructive thinking. Next what to do is they should practice
how to increase more humanity in himself, the reason behind this is humanity destroy greed of a person and if a
person have no greed then nothing can make him passive. Another important thing is they must be loyal to the
present legal system, because if they have respect about the law then a person can find himself in boundary than as
a passive.


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