Stop Panic Attacks

Stop Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks or anxiety disorder recognized by abrupt and usually short periods of strong fear occurring
without any notification. The best way to prevent it is to know the signs of a panic attack which may include:
abdominal contraction, chest pain, headache, increased heart rate etc.

There are frequently used techniques that to stop the cycle of fear. One way is to educating people on how to
break the pessimistic thinking process linked with any given incentive. Another therapy is to alleviate the fear of
places or situations that panic them or cause them nervousness. The first visit to a fearsome place may last few
minutes but the aim is to continue the therapy until the fright is removed. Finally, the last technique involves
putting the victim into a relaxed environment helping them learn to confront their fears by dealing with them.

Sufficient sleep at night can stop panic attack. Deficiency of enough sleep will deprive you of the crucial
brain elements the help you control your impulses. Having a proper diet is also vital. The energy gained from food
is useful to maintain proper fitness. Variety of B Vitamins can help activate your brain to the highest level.
During panic attacks, your brain has to be sharp and calm. Self-regulation of the body can be enhanced by their
use. You need to eat food containing B-complex vitamins. Foods like vegetable, eggs, fish are a good source of this

Sit in a comfortable and soothing place while an attack is imminent. Keep necessary pills along with you.
Arrange an environment according to your comfort level and try to relax. Try to get some heat if its too cold.
Always have sweater or jacket and wear them as your body demands. If it’s too hot, try to get yourself cool.

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