Stage Fright

Stage Fright

In our life we all have fear of something. No matter this fear get exposed or not, we hardly can argue over this
matter. But most of the people one same fear triggering point and it is public exposure. Stage fright is the most
common type of fear that people experience all through the life time. Literally stage fright means the persistent
fear or anxiety which is triggered by the upcoming performance in front of people. In the initial stage this is
quite normal and unavoidable. People rarely can get over this. After repeated performance it tends to get lower and
it is less likely to interrupt the performance.

Stage performance can also be triggered by past trauma, lack of practice, expectation from the performance, the
capability of holding nerve and coping with stress. If a person has a bad experience regarding public exposure then
he or she is more likely to avoid this or they will try to wash off all kinds of uncertainties from the
performance. For this they consistent put pressure on themselves which may affect their performance badly. Part
from this, the expectation of success can cause stage fright. The more the expectation the more an armature’s
performance is going to be affected. It can also affect the professionals. Sometimes the opposite also happens.

To get rid of this stage fright people should practice as perfectly as they can and review it for several times.
They should try to prepare the work flawlessly as it will give confidence to them. They should take deep breath
prior to appear before the people. It will relax both their body and mind and they are able to hold the nerve
successfully. They should not let themselves distract by anything in the stage and go steady. There is nothing to
take panic and the performer should always believe that they can do it.

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