Performance Anxiety

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is a state of mind where people get psychologically disabled which is usually caused by
stress or anxiety. Performance anxiety can happen at any point of our life. It may be in our personal life or in
the professional life. Performance anxiety cripples the life and it triggers further stress. Life becomes a
nightmare and people can hardly tolerate this.

In professional level, performance anxiety frequently takes place when it requires public exposure. Before
appearing publicly people tend to get so nervous that, they get completely blank. The most common example of this
is a corporate level presentation or being in a discussion in a TV channel representing the company. In case of
personal life, it is the most common phenomenon for men. The men tend to get nervous thinking whether he can thee
partner or not right before the physical affair. The nervousness directly impacts their physical affair which ends
up with an undesired outcome for men. It does not mean that, they are impotent; it is sheer nervousness which makes
them fail.

To overcome all kinds of performance anxiety, an individual need to have massive confidence and self-belief.
They have to recurrently think that, they have prepared themselves well enough to give the best performance. In
case of a public exposure or face-to-face conversation, people need to believe that they are the most knowledgeable
one in the room. They have researched on the related topics unlike others. So there is no reason to be nervous.
Another important factor is that, people willingly take stress by thinking about a past terrible experience. They
keep themselves on continuous pressure which is not good for performance. Another important factor is, whatever an
individual does, he or she must try to enjoy this, because it will wash off all the anxieties and make each
performance a pleasurable one.

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