Overcoming Claustrophobia

Overcoming Claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is a sort of disorder where irrational and intense panic is being triggered by confined spaces.
This can happen in confined spaces full with a lot of people or in a lonely place. The individual suffering from
claustrophobia may encounter fear when he or she is in elevator, an airplane or sometimes even in own home. The
core symptoms of Claustrophobia are queasiness, sweating, fainting, accelerated breathing etc. people who suffer
from this are tend to avoid confined place as much as possible and soon it becomes a disorder. Any kind of terrible
past experience can also trigger the problem.

To trounce Claustrophobia the underlying reason has to be diagnosed because by this it becomes much easier to
deal with this. It is really important to sort out if there is any past trauma which provokes Claustrophobia. In
many aspects it is seen that, past trauma reinforces Claustrophobia. If this reinforcement can be eliminated then
it helps to alleviate Claustrophobia. If the intensity level of the phobia then the previous solution will not be
applicable. The most popular treatment for Claustrophobia is done based on relaxation techniques. Here the patient
is being guided to imagine a situation where there will be no stress or fear. Overtime he or she is been
conditioned with this types of situations, and at one point of treatment the patient becomes capable of dealing
with these successfully. The relaxation treatment is executed in terms of physical and mental aspects and the
intensity level of the phobia determines the pattern of treatment.

Apart from these, there is another treatment which is broadly criticized for its procedure. This is known as
flooding technique. Here the patient is exposed to the confined places repeatedly because repeated exposure reduces
the probability of the behavior. But in some cases the result is completely opposite. It is not as much as
effective like the previous ones.

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