Nervous Passenger

Nervous Passenger

There are some people around us we get nervous over trivial matters. These might of little significance to us,
but to them these are really big deal. They think they are aware of all the odds of life, that is why they are
reacting liked this. These people can be divided into many categories, one of these are nervous passengers. These
types of people get nervous before being in a ride. Overtime it becomes a habit and the worst case scenario for
this problem, they experience a disorder related to this. If measures are taken within appropriate time, then they
might the worst part of the problem.

The nervousness may start because of many reasons; for example, a terrible accident experienced by him/herself
or it took place before them, some near ones got hurt by accident, people having low capability of coping with
pressure, believing in prejudices etc. A large number of nervous passengers have experienced some odds in their
life. It has left a scar in their mind which consistently keeps them under a lot strains about riding in a vehicle.
Even before getting out of the home, they think that today they might be the one who will face same odd. So it
manipulates there minds and they unconsciously get anxious about their life. They keep thinking that, whether they
will be back home safe or not. The recent condition of the traffic system adds fuel to their fear.

Apart from this, for some people, problem lies within themselves. They get over nervous over trivial matters and
sometimes even for nothing. They can not live without anxiety. It is like occupying the mind all the time with some
thing, and for this group of people it is nervousness. It cripples their day to day life and make them live in

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