Fear of Violence

Fear of Violence

If someone thinks that violence is an imaginary bugaboo than he is not wrong. Violence is a
serious problem for human society. It occurs, it happens and when it happens it makes serious types of problem to
the people who are joined in this activity. There are very few people in this world that has the ability to save
them from that is violence activity. But if they think that it is very easy to safe themselves from the violence
then it is easy to say without doubt that their thinking process is not in a good way.

Next lets think that how this fear of violence is attached with human mind. One reason is when
people are watching the result of violence, which is always stay at the negative side. When people are watching
that the result is not in a positive side then automatically their mind creates some fear about violence. Now lets
find out from where people are getting this violence new. The best way is news and television.

It is the best way of a person to get the violence news of the world, people are getting the
violence news of the world all the moment and they see how dangerous it really is. The fear about violence grows
from there. Another important way of increase the fear of violence is personal experience. There are many people in
this world who are very bad affected for the cause of violence. No doubt, that makes a serious black spot in them
in the mind of victim. No doubt this will increase the fear about violence.

Actually there is no such way to save a person from this problem. But if the person has is
facing serious types of problem about this violence then his fear is turns into a mental problem. Then the most
important thing the person need to do that he must need to aware about violence and take some psychological
treatment to save him.

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