Fear of the Phone

Fear of the Phone

Phone is a very serious part of our daily life. No doubt, it is impossible for a person to live
without phone. But these somber important parts of our life sometimes turn into a fear material of our life. It is
pretty amazing to know but, it?s true that a phone creates a great fear to our entire mind.

Now lets find out the reason of increase the fear of phone. There are several causes behind this
fear. The first possible reason is if a person use a very low quality phone than a person may have the afraid that
people are ridiculed to him.

We mainly can see this problem is in low earned people. Some people the fear of convey it. They
have the fear that they may lose the cell phone. That is why they are going for that use phone. There are also some
personal problems in their which are also influence to increase this fear like the person may not have a good
communication power. So these people have the fear in their mind that they may not be able to communicate with
other people by phone perfectly. They will be cause of many problems.

Fear of phone also increases for this reason. Another important cause is bad personal
experience, if the person has some very bad experience about the phone, like if the person is annoyed by someone by
over phone then this fear can arise. Some physical reason is also a reason behind this problem. It is true that the
ray of cell phone is bad for heart so people, especially that health conscious are not like to use cell phone.

At last it is important to say that fear of phone is just phobia. People must need to overcome
this problem for their own good.

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