Fear of the Dark

Fear of the Dark

Fear of dark is the most common phobia of the people of this world. Fear of dark means, people
who have the fear of dim or shadow or a place of darkness. All the people has this phobia, specially says to
children and week heart people.

This phobia has different names. Like nyctophobia, scotophobia, achluophobia and also
lygophobia. Though all of these things are refers to fear of dark there are quite dissimilar between nyctophobia
and fear of dark. Fear of dark actually is a natural phobia whereas nyctophobia is pathological phobia.

Fear of dark is a fear of imagination. In most of cases of this phobia affected people are have
the fear on something which is in their imagination. In real cases it is found that people which people watch lots
of horror films, TV shows their imagination is full with lots of horror item which stays in dark. So, when these
people go normally into a dark room or in a dark place then they feel their imagination actors are come in front,
though thats only is their picture of their own creation.

Some other fears also increase the fear of dark. Like if a person has afraid on different
insect they may think in dark those insect can go over their body during dark, which creates their fear of dark.
Children also have this fear naturally. This fear also can create if the person has little experience on passing
time in a dark room or dark place.

After all discussion we found that it is totally a mental problem. In most of the cases this
problem recovers when a person become aged. That is mean experience about dark can delete this phobia from the
victim?s mind. At last it is also very important to say that if the victim is in a very serious condition then they
must need to go to the psychologist.

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