Fear of Terrorism

Fear of Terrorism

Fear of terrorism is greatest fear of the human, and it is a very reasonable fear. No doubt it
is an endless fear which makes this warm country as a hell. This is a type of fear which destroy the whole life of
a person and also it also change the life style of a person in a negative side. Obviously this fear is become turns
into the greatest problem in this current world.

Now lets find out why this fear is linked with human mind. First cause is having personal
experience. It is common news of todays world that a person is affected by any type of terrorism activity. These
moments of attack create a great impact on human psyche which create fear about this.

Now think about other reasons. In today’s world, everyday almost everyday people are watching
different types of terrorism activity by TV news or reading about this by newspaper. And another matter of fact is
people are getting the news not only of their own country but also about the whole world. They also hear and
watching the greatest impact of terrorism. No doubt, this puts black spot on the heart of victim; especially it is
true for those people who have week heart.

Now lets see the bad impact about this fear. This fear creates an obstacle on the way of success
of a person. The person can do anything with a fresh. If the fear continuously influencing then it is become so
hard for the person to live, this fear destroys their life.

After the discussion it is time to find out how a person can save himself from this phobia. The
first and only way is the person should need to make his mentally enough strong to face this social problem.

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