Fear of Poverty

Fear of Poverty

Fear of poverty is not an unknown phobia to all the people of this world. All most all the
people have this problem. Lets find out what the fear of poverty is. This is a fear of a human that he will be
turn into a poor person. Actually this is a general tendency of human that they always think that they may be turn
into low side.

Lets find out at first that how this fear can grow in human mind. There different way is
available there to create this fear in human mind. First and the most important things which can influence mostly
to create this fear is personal experience. If the person has the experience to see other people to turn rich
people to poor people, that increase the probability of attach the fear of poverty in human mind.

Another cause can play a vital role to connect this fear with mind is personal experience. If a
person was poor then somehow he turns into a rich person then he always has the fear of being turn into that past
condition. He has the fear because he knows how painful that life is. From the negative thinking about poverty, the
fear builds up in the mind. Another important cause knows measurable condition of poor person from reading books,
watching movie and by some other ways. Whatever the way is, this gives a great mental presser to the victim.

Lets find out how a person can solve this problem. First of all the victim must need to
understand that turn into a poor person is not a matter of a one day. It takes a long time. He also needs to
understand if he lives carefully, if he does all of his works sincerely then there is become a very low chance to
turn into a poor people or get the taste of poverty.

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