Fear of Leaving Home

Fear of Leaving Home

Fear of leaving home is one type of phobia. This is a type of phobia which does not allow a
person to leave the home. This is very common type of phobia of human. Agoraphobia is the other name of this

At first lets see why a person is caught by this problem. The reason is emotion. There are many
people in this world who are emotionally controlled. Whenever they take any decision, these people who have this
fear of leaving home phobia they use emotion instead of check the reality.

Another important cause is, some people has the experience or have the knowledge on how painful
the life of those people who live outside the home or the measurable life is leading by those people who are living
without the family. So, whenever these people are going for thinking about leaving home they just feel afraid about

Now lets find out the problems which are faced by this people who have fear of leaving home. In
most of the cases it is found that they are just unable to reach on very top position. The reason is these people
normally not get out from the house, so they are unaware about the situation of the world. That is why when these
people are going in practical market they are just unable to compete there. These people are also become unsocial,
that’s why it is become hard for them to live in a society.

After the entire upper discuss, it is time to turn our eyes on how a person can solve this
problem. In almost all cases of phobia, it is found that, this problem is started from the social problem and turns
into a mental problem. The first way to solve this problem is to give a good structure of society. But the most
important matter is the person who has this phobia he should need to understand the real situation.

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