Fear of Heights

Fear of Heights

Fear of height is a very common problem of human. It founds in many people of this world. It is
a kind of phobia. Acrophobia is the main name of this problem. The people who has this fear, in most of cases it is
also found that they also have the fear of speed. This is dangerous problem that obstacle a person moving in the
street or over the bridge. Not only this, sometimes it founds that the people who has this fear they also fear on
standing and sitting over a height. This is really killing those people psychologically.

Lets find out the reasons behind the problem. Though it is a great problem for many people so,
research makes a great research about this.

They found that like the many others phobia, the main reason behind this problem is condition.
Explaining briefly, it is mainly caused for classical conditioning which means when a person has many bad
experiences about the height then automatically the bad things are attached in the mind of the victim about the

Sometimes it happens that the person has real experience of watching that a person is falling
down from so high place that impacts greatly on the mind of different people. It also can impact if the person sees
that an animal is falling down instead of a human. There are also some other possible causes behind this problem,
first of all it can also a reason of a great stress in life. So when the person has stressful life then he or she
faces many on different fear.


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