Fear of Going Crazy

Fear of Going Crazy

Fear of crazy is a serious type of fear type of problem in this world. Craziness means something
that a person is losing their temper, and when the person lose it then the person does many wild works. This crazy
works are so dangerous are could be a reason of killing other people. So, the people who has this type of problem
they always have a fear in their mind, that they are going to be a crazy person at any time. This type of fear is
killing them all the time. This is a type of torture for a man, which attacks a person in mentally and

Now lets find out the reason behind the fear of craziness. In many research it is found that
there are several reasons behind this problem. First problem is the thinking process of a man. When a man is
thinking that he will be crazy that is influence the person to become a crazy person.

This type of thinking is mainly comes from the environment where the person brought up. Next and
the most important reason is stress. In most the cases it is found out that the people who have lots of work
presser they are turning into a crazy person frequently.

So let us now look at how to find out how a person can solve this problem. This problem can
mainly solved by the environment where the person is living. If he is living in such an area where people are clam
and quite then the person automatically remove that behave of craziness. Then what is important that is, the person
should need to be making him free from lots of stress. A good sleep can help the person in this cause. And if all
the upper things cannot help a person then the person should need to mental doctor or psychologist to solve the


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