Fear of Germs

Fear of Germs

Different people have different types of fear. Some fear are realistic some are not. But all the
fear has approximately same type of mental and physical stress. Which do not allow them to do any work on perfect
time? It may also be a cause of mental problem. Many people are losing their workability for this. This fear also
is caused of obstacle the social life of human. Among of all fears, some people has the fear about germs, it is a
dangerous fear, which is caused of lots of mental pressure to the people.

At first lets find out what fear of germs is. It is also known mysophobia. It is a type of
phobia which destroyed a person’s normal day work. The term of mysophobia was first introduced by Dr. William
Alexander Hammond. It was introduced in front of the world in 1879. It is a type of phobia which influenced a
person to not to do any work or not to give hand on any work for the fear of germs.

Lets find out how this fear of germs is built in human mind. In most of the cases it is found
that this fear is build from the childhood. When a person was not so aged at that time he or she may be heard
something bad about the germs, which is attached with their mind. So from that period when a person heard something
about which is related with germs, they just remember those stories about germs and their fear goes up.

Now, lets see how a person can solve this problem. A person needs make himself relax. The reason
a in this world it is really impossible to get rid from the germs. The victim must need to make himself understand
that comes in tough of germs is normal matter.


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