Fear Of Food

Fear Of Food

Having a fear of food (otherwise known as cibophobia) is quite a common occurrence these days.

Whether you find yourself avoiding a single food, or like some avoiding massive ranges of food, there is a high
chance that you suffer from the fear of food.

Quite often when an individual appears to be avoiding food, friends and family may suspect the person is suffering
from anorexia or another form of eating disorder. Whilst in reality, the person can enjoy different foods with the
exception of those they fear.

Having a fear of food is primarily formed during our childhood years. Remembering back to the kitchen table, where mum or dad would force us
to eat our brussels sprouts. These types of actions either encouraged an individual to eat that food type quicker,
or as in most cases, created a lifelong dislike.

Many people who suffer from having a fear of food often feel something is wrong in their head. After all, they can
watch other people not respond in such a negative manner around “those” foods. Nothing that they tell themselves
changes their response to those foods. This is simply because the fear of food exists within the subconscious

Hypnosis is the solution to your fear of food

Research conducted by psychologist several years ago found that less than 5% of patients who underwent formal talk
therapy were able to achieve success. When compared to the results from hypnosis, an astounding 83% had rapid
success and alleviation of the fear.

By using hypnosis effectively, a person can literally remove the root of the fear without medication, and easily.
Once the root of the fear has been consciously understood and processed, the subconscious mind can then move on and
allow you to enjoy any food you choose.

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