Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

There are many types of fear is exist in this world. Some of the fear is very funny some of fear
is very dangerous. But the common things of these fear are, these fear send the life of victim in worst condition.
It attacks the people in mentally and physically. It stops the moving of people in various conditions. It makes the
life hard and gives pain to the people in every second. Like these fear of flying is one of that.

Fear of flying is a common problem of many people of this world. They have afraid on fly for
several reasons. First possible reason could be some people are not being able to see the height. So, they are
going for fly that creates a boom in their heart. So they dont like to go for fly.

Some people say many bad experience about flying that also cause a lot of fear of flying. But
the most common reason of this fear is see much plane accident in newspaper and TV channels. When people are seeing
the death of people for the reason of flying no doubt that becomes the main cause of fear of flying.

After all of the upper discussion lets find out how a person can solve this problem. The victim
must need to make themselves enough confident that they can do it. They need to make understandable that it is not
a matter. The main thing is to make themselves enough relax able. If it does not work then he should need to take
enough medication for solve the problem. Hypnosis is the possible best solution for this problem.

At last it is important to say that this problem is a mental problem. To solve this family and
friends people should need necessary steps to solve it for victim.


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