Fear Of Falling In Love

Fear Of Falling In Love

Love can be both the scariest and the most exhilarating emotion that you will ever have the chance to

Recently however, more and more people have found themselves hesitating in relationships.

Whether they have personally experienced relationships that were short of traumatising, or watched someone close to
them being mistreated in a relationship, the outcome is the same.

When a person breaks up from a tough relationship, the last thing on their mind is to get straight
intoanother deep relationship with someone.

The fear of falling in love often occurs due to 3 main reasons:
Firstly, as discussed previously, being treated poorly or even abusively in a relationship did not encourage a
person to immediately lineup for more potential abuse. In this type of circumstance, they need to be given
distance, time, affection and understanding. Empathy works wonders for those who fit this category.

Secondly, an individual may have issues with making major decisions within their life. This type of person can be
identified by an element of procrastination with any serious decision-making. From buying a car or a house, through
to choosing a life partner. This may have come about from family conditioning where they did not even have to
decide what to eat for dinner. Controlling parents are often the largest cause of this category.

Thirdly, the fear of falling in love can occur when the individual does not feel they are worthy of love. This may
be due to a lack of love in their family whilst growing up, or from any other reasons. If somebody cannot add a
minimum point love themselves, then it cannot be expected for them to truly love another. All love begins within,
despite what some sceptics may think.  If you have ever thought “what happens if I love them and they don’t
love me back” then you belong to this category.

Regardless of the reasons behind the fear of falling in love, a solution may be closer than you think. Clinical
hypnosis allows a person to easily and peacefully resolve any past upsets and conditioning, thus allowing them to
move on and enjoy the many benefits that love offers.

Hypnosis allows an individual instant access to the part of the mind that maintains the fear. When that part of the
mind can sensibly and safely express its issues, it can at the same time resolve them completely.

If you’ve had enough of the fear of falling in love, and hypnosis is an excellent way to you to move on with your

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