Fear of Elevators

Fear of Elevators

There are many types of fear which people are facing every day. All of those fears are not made
in one day. And for all the fear the person or the victim of the fear do not need to have only a real experience.
No need that all the fear should have a real base or not.

One thing is common and that is all the fear creates a great mental presser to the entire
victim. These mental presser can also affect the physically after some days. Now as we mentioned all the people do
not have fear on any real basis, fear of elevator is something like that.

Now let?s find out how a fear of elevator can create, first way is some people dislike this
elevator. May fear can create from there. Also another thing to say that some people do not have the experience to
ride on elevator, so when they see this they may feel something bad about it.

Next reason could be, a person has some bad experience about the elevator. Like when he is in
the elevator then the electricity goes off. Obvious that can make some fear on weak heart people. But the fear
mainly comes from the bad news about elevator. If anyone sees that it broken down, it fall down then these things
are always moving in the head of victim of this fear.

Now lets find out how a person can overcome this problem. First of all the person who has this
fear he or she must need to make themselves aware and make themselves aware that bad things happen with elevator
few times. The person should need to make him confident about that it will not make any problem. To remove this
problem a person should need to give their steps to elevator with their believe.


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