Fear of Death

Fear of Death

Every people have at least one fear in this world. If anyone says that he does not have any fear
then it is easy to understand that he is telling the false words. Fear is common thing to all the people of the
world. But the reason of fear is different from man to man.

Some people has fear for an unknown reason some people have the for a reasonable cause. No
doubt, all of this fear creates a great mental presser on the victim. Now as we said people have various types of
fear where some of those are come from realistic view where some are come from an unrealistic point of view. Now,
death, wherever it falls, however it is defined all the people has this common fear in their find. This is a fear
that is attached with the person from the very younger period of their life.

Let’s find out how this fear can be attached with the mind of human. It is attached for much
reason. The first reason is all the people love their life. And no one likes to leave the thing which is his own
and what is love. And the life of a person is the most loveable thing to a person. But all the people know one day
he will need to face this. And they do not want leave this. That is they always feel some afraid to lose their life
lose the thing which they love most.

Now if a person needs to remove this fear then what he must needs to do is to take everything so
easy. He needs to understand fear cannot change the truth; it will be happen in one day. So they must need to take
this easy and no doubt that will make their life relax able.


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