Fear of Confrontation

Fear of Confrontation

People are always disliked to face the problems. The reason behind this is human are like to
live a peaceful life. They have the afraid over problem.

Another thing, sometimes people know this will make the problem but still they like to ignore
that as far they can. Its a common problem of people, most people have this problem. As I said before it happens
only for the cause of fear. Fear of confrontation is something like that. People know that they will need to meet
one day and that will turns into a quarreling but still they like to ignore that as far as they can.

At first give our attention on what is confrontation. Confrontation is something which means two
people or two groups of people who have problem from past, and it is the condition when they are coming for or
accidently meet somewhere. Obviously it is a very bad condition. And people are actually dont like to face this
types of situation which really makes a lots of quarreling and which can turn into a fighting situation. Or people
have lots of bad experience about this so they dont like to go for this kind of situation.

Now, lets turn our eyes on how a person can remove the fear of confrontation. First of all the
person should need to be enough confident to face this types of problem. If the person is enough confident then he
will not feel any trouble to face this type of condition.

So, the person should need to have that confident mental condition. Another think is if a person
is feel that he is looking for peace so the person is like to talk with the opposite very politely and thats how he
can solve the problem which will also help the people to remove the fear of confrontation.


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