Fear of Commitment

Fear of Commitment

There are many types of fear people are facing every day. These fears keep people away from
living them from a good life. It is very dangerous and makes a person mentally sick.

Fear is normally brought out when something is making some problem. That is why people are always
like to stay away from the things which can make a little bit problems in their life. Same goes for commitment.
Giving commitment to anyone can make a little bit problems to the people that are why people are not like to go for
give the commitment to others.

Lets find out the reason at first, from where the fear of commitment is coming from. Commitment
is something which means giving their words to others and does the work as he committed. It is a great duty and
also it has lots of presser. But the reality is a person is always unable to do the work as he was committed. Then
when it happened it makes the problem in the relation between those people who is committed and who make the person
committed. Obviously as a social being no one is like to break the relation with others thats why people are not
like committed with other.

Now lets find out how a person can remove the fear of commitment. First of all the person need
to have enough confident to face any problem. He needs understand it will increase his social condition. The person
also needs to find out that this commitment will make the social bond more and stronger.

Another thing the person who makes other people committed them also need aware that can that
person keep their commitment. And if the person is unable to keep their commitment that should need to understand
the reason that why he is to keep his word.


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