Fear of Change

Fear of Change

Life is changing all the moments and it is very important to change. The reason is without
change it is impossible make something new. Change gives the world some new invention which makes our life
beautiful. Which makes our life so much easy than before, at the same time change also give our life so much speed?
That is why a change is so much important in our life. But the problem is there are many people in the world that
they have lots of fear about the change.

Lets find out the reasons behind the fear of change. There are several reasons behind this fear.
First is most of the people of the world are middle class people. They do not have extra earning. They pass their
life as hand of mouth. They do not think for new and also do not looking for something new. They like to live as
they are still now.

The reason because they have the fear that if the things are change then they are not be able to
survive in the race of the life. They have the fear that their life will destroy if the things are changed. The
main reasons behind this fear are these people are totally unaware about the change. In most of the cases the
changes are coming for the good of people, but for the reason of unawares.

Now lets find out the way of how this fear can be removed from the mind of the people. First of
all the before the change every people should need to aware about this. They also need to know about the advantages
of the changes. The authority who is going to make the change they need to give surety that the people will not
badly affected for the change then the fear about change will be removed from people’s mind.


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