Fear of Authority

Fear of Authority

There are many common problems of people of this world. This type of fear makes the path of
prosper of a person very hard. But most interestingly there are no reason behind this fear. One of these types of
fear is fear of authority.

At first lets see why this type of create in the society. First reason is the nervousness. In
most of the cases it is found that people are so nervous. So when they go in front of the boss they become more
afraid, thats why they can’t do anything that time. It is a very common picture of this world.

Next reason could be if the authority is so strong then the fear grows automatically in the
human mind. For instance we can say that if the boss is so angry person then that cause of the fear of boss.
Environment of the office also cause the fear of authority. If the environment is not so friendly then people are
not like to make a picture about the boss.

Another important cause could be social structure. If a person comes from a society where people
are showing lots of respect and always have a fear about the leader of society then the fear can come from

Now, after all of the discussion lets find out how a person can solve these problems. The first
and the important one is the person should need to be confident to face the authority. He should not have
nervousness. Next thing is to the person should need to have the capability of to adopt in any situation and the
fear cannot grow in their mind. And most importantly the boss or the authority must be come forward to solve the
problem of fear of authority otherwise it is really very tough to solve the problem.


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