Fear Of Anxiety

Fear Of Anxiety

Of all the many fears that exist out there, having a fear of anxiety is perhaps one of the most horrifically

Many people believe fear and anxiety are one and the same, however this is not correct.

In this article I will cover what a fear and anxiety is, and how they two interrelate with each other and impact a
person’s life, as well as how to solve the problem relatively easily.

In order to better understand what the fear of anxiety feels like, we must first begin to  clarify the difference between both fear and

So lets look at the different elements and how they link to eachother.

What is fear

Typically, fear is the concern that is directly linked to things, people, events and circumstances. It is quite
often linked directly to things that are planned in the future. He usually comes with the internal mind game “what
if?”. If you find yourself playing the what if game, then there is a good chance that fear is ruling the game.

What is anxiety

In simplicity, anxiety is the physical sensations that vary in strength when exposed to something that has fear
attached. As an example, exam anxiety is felt when either physically present in an exam situation, or so mentally
immersed that your mind perceives a threat. Unlike fear, anxiety is felt when we immerse ourselves in a fear.

Most often, anxieties are formed in our childhood. What began possibly with an innocent misinterpreted experience,
becomes compounded and reinforced over the years, until it breaks through conscious awareness and becomes known to

What is the fear of anxiety

A fear of anxiety is simply were an individual finds themselves playing the what if game with anxiety as their
subject. Perhaps they have witnessed somebody else having an anxiety attack, or under a high amount of stress they
experienced anxiety. Regardless of the situation, they find themselves thinking about the future to such a focused

Having a fear of anxiety and literally freeze you to the ground. Playing the “what if” game is never a constructive
way to treat it. A fear of anxiety may be linked to absolutely any behaviour or action. It is because of this, many
who suffer it often feel so embarrassed they try to conceal it from their friends and family.

How can I treat a fear of anxiety

The subconscious mind is that part of the mind that holds onto all of our fears, concepts and understandings.
Because of this, the fastest and most reliable way to cure a fear of anxiety is by tapping into the supercomputer,
which is our mind.

Using hypnosis, a person can easily access the subconscious mind and both understand and solve the issues that led
to the fear of anxiety. With the assistance of the subconscious mind, this issue is clarified and cleared quickly
and permanently without possible decades of therapy.

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