Test Result Anxiety

Test Result Anxiety

If we analyze the life from different perspectives just to give it a new name, we will come up with a number of
names. One of the names that most of us will assign is “test”. Life is a test and this belief is been strongly
conditioned with our daily life. If we break it down then we again come with another sort of test. These are
special ones. These test are the institutionalized ones or more specifically the tests that we appear in the
educational life. There is always anxiety for test and when it is about the result the anxiety goes slightly

Anxiety for the result is pretty much obvious irrespective of age, the class of the student or the quality if
the exam. When people start to apprehend a bit of the surroundings, then they more like to be stressed out over the
result. When it is about the class of the students, almost all the students are sufferer of the same stuff. The
intensity of the anxiety may vary, but it is sure every student feels a nudge inside them before the result. Though
many students pretend that they are not tensed, but deep inside their mind one word keeps wandering “result”. The
quality of the student also does not matter in case of result anxiety. The intensity varies with expectation of

Though this result anxiety is quite normal, but some people take it to such a level where it triggers many other
psychological and psychical problems. Some students take too much stress for it; as a result they experience
headache, nervous breakdown, sleeping disorder vomiting etc. We also should try to treat result as normally as
possible. We should also strive for instilling a hunger for success in the tests and concentrate on the better
outcome from the tests, so that we do not have to take stress for it.

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