Studying Motivation

Studying Motivation

Studying and learning can take people so far in life yet it can feel so hard to get down to it. Whether its
college study or people need to be studying to advance their career; studying can be one of the most important
things one should be doing. Modern life continually demands people attention whether it’s to commercials, the
internet, friends, TV. And all these things can feel easier to attend to than study.

If one were totally isolated say on a desert Island where there was absolutely nothing else to do other than
study-you’d study every last morsel of their subject until they were completely versed in it because they’d be
nothing else to distract them.Imagine being in a cell with no TV and nothing except one book – you’d certainly read
it cover to cover and maybe many times! they’d know that book inside out because it’s all they have to do.

We live in a culture of entertainment where everything is supposed to be entertaining and instantly exciting
before all else. If one buy into this too much then they stop benefiting with the more subtle stimuli because it
doesn’t immediately excite!Their mind needs the ‘nutrition’ of study as well as the relaxation of entertainment.
Get the work done properly, and you can kick back with a clear conscience. Here is the only four steps one need to
achieve it:
Consider your working environment, and cut out anything that tempts you from the task at hand, music. If you just
can’t work in silence, go for tunes without vocals or anything so complex you feel compelled to shut your eyes and
listen. Review the state of your social life too. Instead of going out late through the week, consider staying in
until the weekend, when you’re free to party with a clear conscience.

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