Return to School

Return to School

During our conversations we most often say that, I wish I could go there; I wish I could be super man or I wish
I could get back to my earlier life. All the time an urge of fulfilling the unmet needs works into us. When we grow
adult we have to face the real life. We tend know where we lack and what we have to do to fill up that lack.
Consistently we have to struggle to be successful in our life. But for this we have work on our lacks. Most of the
people are not fortunate enough to receive education or complete the education at the perfect time. Several factors
may have hampered it. To receive education it is never so late.

Each and everyday is framed within a schedule. At one point we get tired and start to think the most enjoyable
part of life. Most people’s latent wish is to go back to the school life. In school life there is unlimited fun and
we hardly can forget it. At that period of time, we used to miss the school because it was appeared to be another
fun. Ironically when we become adult then we want to do to school.

This sense of nostalgia is triggered by the monotonous and stressful life and the demand of the situation. For
coping with it, we have to choose the best possible option that sooths with us. Each and every day we face so much
stress that, life becomes a difficult place for us. When we go for this kind of education, a sense of humiliation
works into us, but we have to completely get rid of. Otherwise we can overcome all the obstacles of life and reach
the destiny. We have to focused, determined and vigilant.

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