Remember Names

Remember Names

We all have some limitations in our life. These limitations can be trivial ones as well as huge ones. These keep
us annoying in our daily life and give us the nudge to overcome it. For this limitation we can face utter
embarrassment and sometimes can also cause is social relationship. The inability to remember names fall into this
category. Whenever we meet an individual for a number of times, it is very much obvious that we will remember his
or her name. In one sense, it is a sign of respect. Remembering names is also a socializing tool. When we see that,
another person that we have met just for one time and had a little conversation has remembered the name, we feel
satisfied and tend to build a long term relationship with these guys.

For some people remembering the name is a big problem. To remember anyone’s name, at first we have pay attention
to his or talking. After introducing with someone, within five minutes we should try to remind t again. If it comes
into our mind then we should say this name by ourselves for a number of times. And if we have forgotten it, then we
should again ask him or her. Listening to the other person is important, because when we think of the talking then
he name may pop up in our mind. It is like associating the name with their talking.

If the name appears to be pretty much difficult to pronounce, then we ask the person how we can pronounce it
properly. It has to be asked in a humble manner. If it is possible then we should also take their cell pone number
because we associate with this much more easily than other stuffs. At last we must preserve it in our mind or in
other devises.

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