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Whenever we hear the word reading, instantly in some of our mind a number of key words pop up, for example-
knowledge, enjoyment, boring, wastage of time, knowing ourselves, friend and much more. This difference in
association with reading has been triggered by various factors. Age, personality, culture, value, social
environment all of these play their parts in determining the differences. For most of school going children,
reading is being a boring stuff. It is because of the system. To encourage them to read more, they have to be
introduced with the attractive part of reading. The core condition is being same irrespective of age, ethnicity,
and gender for inspiring to read and it is making the reading materials interesting one.

Reading is really important because it opens our mind, improves the thinking process and increases our intuitive
power. It makes our hunch more reliable and authentic. It introduces us with the rest of the world and the people.
We can develop a good judgmental power by the help of reading. It takes our knowledge to next level. But all of
these will happen only then, when we will make better choice of reading. Cheap entertaining books will not going to
provide us with all the great facilities.

This dissimilarity between good and bad reading materials will be clear to us when we will be reading a lot. In
the first stage many people do not able to make the comparison and it is quite normal. The habit of reading more
and more should be instilled by the parents into their child because education starts at home. They should
constantly inspire to read more. They can also help them to make the right choice. Those people, who read a lot,
are the intellectual ones. For these people reading is the best companion and we should also do the same.

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