Language Learning

Language Learning

The world is full of various languages. People express their feelings, reactions, moods through their own
definite language. Languages changes from place to place, region to region. There are about 6909 languages
throughout the world officially. People of various countries use those and it is sure that these all are used as
first language to many of them. So if we want and need to know about their life style, behavior and culture then
there is a only way and that is to learn their language.

Languages give us a feelings and sense of achievement, it develops our study-skill, it encourages us to pay
attention in detail, and we can analyze critically and can resolve problems and can formulate them quite easily.
This skill shows ones ability and willing to learn one difficult skill. Language learning is time consuming process
but when one learn a language then the feelings of joys he or she gains sweep out the sweat of hard work.

Various languages compile the intellectual one with the practical one. Thus we can have a link which gives us
the importance of learning languages. If we want to go to a vacation or to work to abroad and if their language is
different from us then to feel comfortable we must have to learn that language. And if a student wants to go to
abroad for higher education then he or she have to learn the language of that country to get compete with.

Knowledge of languages not only shows the desirable skills but it also stretch our mind. It also helps us to
develop proper concentration and accurate listening. We can share feelings; can have communications, team work and
better relations very easily with the people of other languages. So with our first language we must have to learn
other languages as our second to know and discover ourselves and various cultures.

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