Road Rage

Road Rage

Sometimes anger leads us to a number of irrational stuffs which are not only irrelevant but dangerous. The anger
can be triggered by a trivial matter but it will end up with a big loss. Road rage is a situation like that.
Literally road rage is an aggressive behavior by the drive of a vehicle which include reckless driving, offensive
gestures etc. This is very much common incident among the drivers. In most of the cases it is seen that, during
driving they loose their temper and start driving recklessly. Other than this, they also try to cause problem to
other drivers by distracting them from driving by unsuitable gesture or offensive verbal talks.

Road rage can also be triggered by psychological problems like stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders etc. The
common types of stresses are caused by personal problems. Sleeping disturbance mostly contributes to road rage.
When the drivers do not have a good sleep their internal processes sometimes face breakdowns. So it leads them to
severe psychological problems as well as bad temper during driving and the drivers indulge themselves into road
rage. So far there is huge number of accidents take place because of road rage.

Whenever the drivers are on the road they should try to avoid road rage. For this they can do the followings. At
first they should sort out that is there something which trigger road rages into them or they do it just for fun
purpose. If the answer comes up, fun then anyhow they have to alter the behavior. They have to continuously
reinforce that their unethical behavior can cause some lives. If the reason is something else then they have to
work on that. They should always have a good sleep before they start driving. In addition to this, they must never
bring personal issues while they are driving.

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