Overcome Jealousy

Overcome Jealousy

Human beings have some strange and strong characteristics which affect their day to day activities. These
characteristics are so strong that these may change the whole course of life. These sometimes play crucial role in
determining relationship with other people in the society. Just for having these particular attributes, they are
being avoided. Jealousy is one of those undesired attributes. This single trait can make a person an isolated one
in the society.

For having utter peace and happiness in life it is very much important to overcome jealousy. To get over
jealousy we need to pay attention to the following factors. We have to stop comparing ourselves with others,
because in most cases it is seen that, the jealousy is being originated from the propensity of weighing ourselves
against others. Even in the minor aspects, we try to do this thing and at one point of time it becomes so
persistent that, we can not resist ourselves from doing comparison and then it results in jealousy.

Comparison also creates are uncertainty about the self-esteem. When we keep comparing, we are more likely to
focus on what we are worth of and what the rival is acquiring. So it devaluates and demoralizes us. So if we want
to get rid of jealousy, then we need to have a strong sense of self esteem and self-belief. Because if we possess
these two in us, then these will boost our confidence and we are less likely go for consistent comparison.

When we become jealous of someone, we start acting like an irrational person. In this kind of situation,
jealousy can be diminished by rationalizing the whole thing. We have to be practical in every circumstance. Another
strategy to conquer jealousy is to focus on our strength and nurture it to make this a more reliable one, because
later it will help us to distract our mind from jealousy.

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