Overcome Greed

Overcome Greed

People always have some unmet needs. For filling these requirements we struggle all through our life. The need
fluctuates and it raises overtime. At one point of time, the necessity is supposed to reach the maximum level.
Beyond this level, all the necessities are considered to be greed which avoided as much as possible. It is seen
among every sort of people whether they are young or adult, or rich or poor. It is such an instinct which is really
tough to avoid.

To overcome greed at first the clear distinction has to be met between the original need and the excessive one.
The education and the culture that an individual withhold can be a determinant factor in overcoming greed. The
mental set up of an individual can also lead to this, so it has to be polished. The situational context of an
individual has to be properly justified, because the situational context triggers greed into human being. We have a
tendency to confuse ourselves with the level need. In most cases it crosses a certain limit where it turns to be
greed. We try to rationalize the excessive need with the help of the situation. This type of attitude keep
provoking geed into us. So it has to be alleviated. Other than this, sometimes the culture and the education
provoke the urge to consume more and more. An individual has little to do about it, what he or she can do is
gathering enough knowledge and experience to rationalize their need, so that it does not become greed.

People have to reinforce them negatively which utterly useful in overcoming greed and it has to be done
consistently. It will be an easy job if some one observes the surroundings properly and if some one leads their
life in the path of his/her religion because in every religion the greed has been strongly discouraged.

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