Overcome Birthday Blues

Overcome Birthday Blues

Celebrating birthday party is a common phenomenon of people in almost every country. In western countries it is
a common scenario. People are celebrating their childs birthday party. But in today’s it is not only limited in
child’s birthday but also it is now celebrated by many aged people. Though it is a happy celebration but in many
senses it is totally a wasted work and that suggest to overcome this.

Now, lets see why people celebrate birthday party. We all know that it is now a very fast modern world. Here
people do not have enough time to talk each other and no time for share their feeling. A birthday is one kind of
moment of joy, so all the people gather on that moment to pass some time with together.

From the upper aspects it looks like very good thing built the matter of fact is it is sometimes more than
worst. Many people of the world celebrate their or their childs or their relatives birthday party by spending lots
of money. Not only that on that they waste a lot of food. Obviously when a good number of the people of the world
are unable to eat for one time in a day, then this type of birthday party is total waste.

Now, some people are strictly against this birthday blues. They suggest this people to overcome this birthday
party celebration. The people who are against this they say that use this money for poor people instead of waste
money in celebration. They also suggest passing that day with some good work. The people who say this type of words
they think if they do this then they will overcome the birthday blues.

At last it is important to say that celebrate birthday party is not bad but turning those into birthday blues
that will be worst.

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