No Embarrassment

No Embarrassment

We are the most intellectual creature of the Almighty. Our mind is always occupied in something, rarely is it
idle. The distinction starts in our thinking purpose. Some people think for the sake of others good and some keep
sorting out the way of doing evil. That is what makes the difference among human beings. There are some people out
there who like to help others, their intention is to do well to others, that how they carry on with their lives. On
the contrary, some other folks do not ever think of doing well to others. They always have the tendency to squash
others under their feet; they like to rule on others, for this in most cases they figure out worst way which is
embarrassing others. They find an evil entertainment in embarrassing others, and if they can do it in front of some
other people, their job is been done.

These people never think how it is going to impact the other individual whom he is embarrassing. The individuals
that they usually humiliate are the good people of the society. This group of people is simple in nature as they do
not possess any kind of complexity in their mind. They can even bet their life for others. So the evils envy at
them, those good people are praised by others. They hardly can protest the embarrassment. It goes on and it
consistently demoralizes them. They feel so humiliated that get confused to carry on with usual life style.

These types of obsessive behavior should be stooped. No matter what, the people who are doing this have to be
identified and show them exactly what taking authority over others means. If they do not learn, then have to be
taught in their own way which may later create compassion in them.

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