Impulse Control

Impulse Control

Impulse is something which says about them mind of the person. And impulse controlling is something which tells
us the story about the controlling the mind of the person. It mainly gives the direction to control the very basic
drives of a person. It could be emotion or it could be some very important elements to take which can be important
to live.

Now, lets find out the impulses. These are food, comfort, possessions, entertainments, affection, social
dominance and the last one is sex. Our mind is set up as like as a person always like to get these things. A person
thinks if a person get all of these then he will be socially dominant person. That’s why impulse control is needed
to come. The reason is having these things greatly can turn the person into very attacking person.

Now lets find out how a person can control these things or which things can drive a person to go impulse
control. Think about the food at first. The things which can stop a person to take over food that is the person
needs have the knowledge that if he not starts to avoid take excess food that will increase his weight. That
increasing weight will drive the person’s body into several problems like- high blood presser, heart problem

The person can keep himself away from taking comfort by thinking about the poor people. Instead of taking
comfort the person needs to have the mentality to spend that amount of money for the poor people. He also needs to
keep himself away from get lots of entertainment because it stays away person from the work.

By impulse control a person also can control the sex relation with many people. He can do it by manage himself
of that believe that he loves one only one girl.

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