Improved Emotional Intelligence

Improved Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is characterized by the capability to observe, organize, and weigh up the emotions.
The early theories of emotional intelligence has described Emotional intelligence as a division of shared
intelligence which incorporates the aptitude to scrutinize the feelings of own and others which is used to
discriminate among them. It helps to utilize the information to direct the thinking. This Emotional intelligence
can also be developed through experiences and aggressive practice. Besides these, many people are privileged with
this quality while others do not bother about it.

To have an improved emotional intelligence one should nurture it over time and take it into the next level.
Consistent aggressiveness is a pre-requisite for improving the EI. There are some typical and popular procedures
out there which will leverage the development of EI. These are, building up positive coping expertise for exact
behavior. You also need to learn relaxation which will increase the ability to cope with the specific behavior. You
should also need to take control of your emotions and manipulate it in your own way.

Apart from these, you always need to be alarmed about your on going emotions, another important aspect is, never
try to cheat on you. If you do this, you will be the one who will later regret for this. You need to identify your
problems and work one the flaws and then come up with a suitable solution. This process will help you to have a
better EI as you consistently judging the emotions and make justifications about it. You have to be compassionate
and patient. The first one will help you to learn others? behaviors and the second one will make you stick to this.
If one needs to have improved EI, then he/she has to have the appetite to learn more and more about themselves and
also others.

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