Forgiveness is a process of concluding the anger which created for the reason of mistake in something. It is
something which can be described as give almost or full free pardon to another person. This concept is mainly
explored from the religious view; the reason is in all the religious views forgiveness is one of the most virtue

Forgiveness is a word which is most used in the holy religious books. In the religious it is said that
forgiveness is the most important thing. It is also said in those holy books that if a person can forgive others
they will be awarded in future. So it is proved that in the religious view forgiveness is very important. But it is
not only important in religious but also it is important in social sector. First of all, forgiveness helps to stop
query in the society. It is also helpful to make the relation better between two people or family or two group or
two types of society people. It makes the talking environment quite easy then before. It gives a chance to the
guilty person to solve the wrong work what he did. In short, it can be said that forgiveness can make the society
more beautiful.

Upper we have talked about the importance of forgiveness in social sector but it has another give important in
personal sector. It is found out from the research that a person who forgives other he has more peace in himself
than other. These people are leading a very nice life. When these people are forgive other they always feel fresh.
That is why these people always can live for long. They also have a very honorable place in the society. All the
people of society love him and just try to follow him.

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