Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself

In this world we need to live with a lots people. Many of them are doing many types of problem to all al of us.
In all the time we cannot punish them, instead of punish we sometimes forgive those people. These forgive may be
solve the problem with the people. But the problem happens when the guilty person is himself. In these types of
cases in most of the time it found that a person may get the forgiveness by the victim but the person can remove
the incident from his own brain. At that moments to forgive him become so important.

In most of times it happens that if the guilty person is so much emotional then he never can forgive himself.
For example in a car accident three people died, then if the driver is emotional then he never can forgive himself.
To save a person from these types of problem the person need to know how he can forgive himself. The first thing is
the guilty person need to understand if the incident is really important or not. If it is not important enough then
there no reason behind give time for thinking about this.

If the guilty person finds that yes, which was an important incident then he needs to understand that whether he
is the main guilty person or not. In many cases it is found that a person is not the reason behind the bad incident
but somehow he started to thinking that he is the main problem. No doubt that thinking is just killing him from

And if he founds that yes, he is main guilty person then he needs make him understood that he needs to live
properly thats why he need to forgive himself. What the thing he can do that is do something for the victim.

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