Controlling Emotion

Controlling Emotion

Emotion is something which exposes one to the world through an unconscious state of mind. It exerts authority over
a human being to such an extent which can control his/her way of living.

It possesses enough power to ruin a life or to pull out a great thing from zero. Emotions can have different names
such as- joy, anger, sadness, disappointment etc. It’s part of a human’s mental process which is tough to

There are three types of people in this world, one is- people who can never control their emotion.

Another one is- people who are entitled to control and manipulate their emotion and the last one is people who
learn to control their emotion. People blessed with controlling power of emotion are rare. But they should be
always thanking the Almighty for this blessing.

The people who can not control their emotions are subjected to a lot of troubles because most of the times they are
unable to rationalize the situation. They make decisions based on their emotions, which make them pay later.
At one point of life, uncontrolled emotions turn out to be a psychological problem.

The people beyond these two categories, struggle for achieving a state of mind where emotion and rationality are
balanced. It gradually grows inside them or more specifically, the world makes this gradual development. The more
they gather experience, the more their ability to cope with the emotional sates increases.

There is nothing wrong in having emotions; rather in some cases, the world would be meaningless without emotions.
But as we all know, excess of anything is bad and if it is about emotions, the situation will be worst.

We should handle emotions in such a way, by which we can comprehend any kind of situation rationally because at the
end of the day the truth is, “Emotion is illusion”.

Luckily, this area can be greatly improved with hypnosis and clinical
Here are the two most suitable options:
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