Emotional Intelligence

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence tells us about the story of capacity, still, ability, skill and the control of emotion of
one’s self. It also can be said as a group of people. There different emotional intelligence models are available
which proposed different definition of Emotional Intelligence. It also known as EI.

Now, to increase the emotional intelligence a person can take several steps, which are very helpful for a
person. if a person can do it then that person will be more successful and will lead a very healthier life.

The first thing the person needs to maintain or monitor that how the person feels or make straight awareness
into several parts of the body. The person needs to understand that how that feels. He needs to understand how the
emotion goes inside the body.

Then the person needs to feel that which things are uncomfortable for him. The person needs to feel all the
aspects of the subject. The person needs to get the inner breathe of that thing. The person needs to imagine this
thing in a proper manner.

The very next thing the person needs to do that is meditate. People who are living with high emotional
intelligence they should need to take this in a proper way, which will increase the emotional intelligence. The
persons also need to follow a healthy lifestyle. It is something which is a matter of mystery for many people but
the thing is, a person can do it by proper diet and exercise. The person needs to maintain a diary. This will help
the person make him known perfectly that what he is doing and what he has done wrong and what he needs to do.

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